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You can order a greeting from me here, through memmo: memmo.me/p/apetor?c=1 My name is Tor Eckhoff, I was born in 1964. Living in Sandefjord in Norway. I am a worker in a paint factory in Sandefjord. My PayPal: https://paypal.me/apetor?locale.x=no_NOIn my free time I am doing stuff you can see here. The profile pic is taken in 1990, I dived into the bottom of a shallow lake, got a few stitches.I am drinking real vodka in the videos.Does alcohol warm your body? No. https://www.livescience.com/55435-does-drinking-alcohol-warm-your-body.htmlEmail to the producer of Vikingfjord: [email protected] I am not payed by the producer of the Norwegian vodka Vikingfjord, I have never been in touch with them. I am doing the "commercial" stuff just for fun.It would also be illegal if they payed me. Alcohol commercials are not allowed in Norway.Reached 200 000 subscribers August 15, 2018, thank you very much.400 000 February 19, 2019.900 000 September 6, 2020.
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Norway Norway
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 all-time income
$77K - $1.2M 
$364 - $5.8K 
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 $153 - $2.4K
 1 week change
 $1.1K - $19K

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