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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Biga High     Biga High  Kazakhstan
  Ольга     Ольга  Kazakhstan
  Avonessa Fabric Flowers     Avonessa Fabric Flowers  Kazakhstan
  AZINA ICE     AZINA ICE  Kazakhstan
  Вяжем вместе     Вяжем вместе  Kazakhstan
  Самопал     Самопал  Kazakhstan
  Toxa Avdeyev     Toxa Avdeyev  Kazakhstan
  Евгений     Евгений  Kazakhstan
  Yeva Shiyanova     Yeva Shiyanova  Kazakhstan
  Варвара     Варвара  Kazakhstan
  the cookarachapants     the cookarachapants  Kazakhstan
  Человек с     Человек с  Kazakhstan
  Dina Nugusheva     Dina Nugusheva  Kazakhstan
  БИОСАД     БИОСАД  Kazakhstan
  Aribet Stitch     Aribet Stitch  Kazakhstan
  MARY KAY Kazakhstan     MARY KAY Kazakhstan  Kazakhstan
  Mechanic     Mechanic  Kazakhstan
  balychok kz     balychok kz  Kazakhstan
  Star sky     Star sky  Kazakhstan