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********A diaspora of no country, retired gentleman, scholar, and all the good things that go with it. I promote peace, harmony and prosperity to the world. I promote a multipolar world. **** COPYRIGHT STRIKES ****This channel has received the following copyright strikes from YouTube, a subsidiary of Google Inc.:1. Komitas Vardapet: Six Danses pour Piano, Grigory Sokolov, Thtre des Champs-Elyses.2. Grumiaux: Bach Chaconne (1967), Copyright claimed by "Ideale Audience International SAS" on Dec 15, 2008. 3. : "Davidsbndlertnze" (1981), Copyright claimed by the "Georgia Balanchine Trust" on Feb 19, 2009. ********If you are willing to get down to the earth, care about the suffering of human being and interested in the geopolitics in this miserable world, then you might be pleased with my another channel below - if not suspended by YouTube or Google who has intimately collaborated with US government:
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$13K - $213K 
$82 - $1.3K 
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 $3 - $53
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 $24 - $387

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