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Dameon was born in St Andrews, Jamaica, he grew up listening to different genres of music, i.e. gospel, rock, R &B and reggae, but at age 14, it was the 90s hit Rally Back by Super Cat that really peak his interest in music.At 16, he was introduced to the church and gravitated to the music department where he thought himself to play the drums, keyboard and bass guitar. Dameon then joined a local band playing keyboards and performing with the likes of Bob Andy, Ken Boothe, Fantan Mojah, Ward 21, ZumJay among others.Dameon was later introduced to music production software by his good friend guitarist Courtland Gizmo White and that was when this talented producer was born.Dameon has since made a name for himself in the reggae industry by working with a number of established artistes such as Luciano, Fantan Mojah, Busy Signal and Others. Dameon is involved in audio engineering and video production and has produced numerous music videos under Warrior Films.
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