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Sketch comedy. Have a look!PistolShrimps is a sketch comedy duo from Norway, known for movie parodies and other pop cultural mashups. The channel consists of Stian Hafstad and Christer Larsen, and was started in 2008. The duo is responsible for several viral videos, including Titanic Super 3D, Trolling Saruman, Boyz n the Ring and Gandalf Goes to the World Cup.In 2012 we made the webseries Oddfjord for BT.no, and in 2013 PistolShrimps P P3 for NRK. In february 2015 we won the award for funniest channel at the first annual Norwegian YouTube Awards.
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Norway Norway
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$52K - $834K 
$283 - $4.5K 
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 $6 - $109
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 $42 - $683

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