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I can proudly say that this is Sri Lanka's top educational channel. Since 2014 of June 13th, I uploaded hundreds of educational videos, especially about astronomy and science. In Sri Lanka, there are only a handful of channels that are talking about astronomy. Anyone who reads comments on my channel may understand how much people admire that. All of my videos are created by me. Usually, it takes almost a day to create a new video because it is not an easy task to collect information from trusted sources. The voice you hear in those videos Is also mine. Ever wonder how I edit videos? I use many editing programs such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audacity and Explanido. As you noticed, with these programs I create special animations to give you a better understanding. I have only one purpose in my mind. To give you a good knowledge about the space, universe, and science.
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$11K - $181K 
$18 - $289 
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 $29 - $472
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 $192 - $3K

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