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Doodling faith is ran by two UK based Bible journaling besties who make and produce their own journaling products and studies. This a place where you can come to journal and share your passion too. Our channel is an online community where we can grow in Gods word through prayer requests, testimonies and questions.We found a much greater hunger for Gods word by Bible journaling, and want to expand that by creating journaling specific studies. We believe these could be a great resource for you to become the person God has called you to be. Each of the series come with their own free printable for you to use when you sign up to our email list upload a selection of Bible journaling studies, tutorials, Bible flip through and updates on journaling supplies.We hope youll be blessed by our materials and ultimately wed like you to know this is a channel for you and driven by you. Much loveDoodling faith AKA Vicky + Luma
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