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 Rank  Channel | |
  ElTrollino     ElTrollino  Spain
  Hypixel Shorts     Hypixel Shorts  United States
  ParagonHex     ParagonHex  United States
  W2SPlays     W2SPlays 
        South Korea
  UnspeakableGaming     UnspeakableGaming  United States
  Kugo     Kugo  United States
  ëž„ë¡œ     ëž„ë¡œ  South Korea
  Android Gameplay     Android Gameplay  United States
  Valera Ghosther     Valera Ghosther  Russia
  Ali-A     Ali-A  United Kingdom
  HihaChobi     HihaChobi  Vietnam
  EugenBro     EugenBro 
  Sykkuno     Sykkuno 
  Baxtrix [EN]     Baxtrix [EN]  United Kingdom
  Yang Vivu     Yang Vivu  United States
  CHT Nintendo     CHT Nintendo  Hong Kong
  Elly Tran     Elly Tran  Australia
  DroidVS     DroidVS  Romania
  APKNo1 - Gaming Channel     APKNo1 - Gaming Channel  United States
  원 원     원 원  South Korea
  1412     1412  Thailand
  Kendal     Kendal  Italy
  Perfect Score     Perfect Score  United States
  しい     しい  Japan
  DooM COLD     DooM COLD  United States
  Yuri The Professional     Yuri The Professional  Russia
  Groupe Torino F.F     Groupe Torino F.F  Algeria
  JinnaGaming     JinnaGaming  United States
  Pocket     Pocket 
  White     White  Japan
  TheFrizkyFrog     TheFrizkyFrog  United States
  BCC Trolling     BCC Trolling  United Kingdom
  DarkViperAU     DarkViperAU  Australia
  Manucraft     Manucraft  Spain
  viniccius13     viniccius13  Brazil
  Oyun Kent     Oyun Kent  Turkey
  CaptainBlazer     CaptainBlazer  Italy
  Just Dance like all     Just Dance like all  United States
  Bay Riffer     Bay Riffer  Thailand
  BlackClue Gaming     BlackClue Gaming  India
  PES Brazil Edit     PES Brazil Edit  Brazil
  O Game Channel     O Game Channel  United States
  DeoxysPrime     DeoxysPrime  Canada
  한국닌텐도 공식     한국닌텐도 공식  South Korea
  Dysmo     Dysmo  United States
  not Otzdarva     not Otzdarva  Spain
  Blackbob     Blackbob  Lithuania