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Backing Tracks,Guitar,Bass,Arranger,Composer, Producer,Covers.Recording Studio,Arrangiatore,Produzioni musicali,Arrangiamenti,Mixing,I 'm a musician,arranger/composer/producer...Here is backing tracks, covers, stuff videos...and more!Subscribe to my mailing list to be updated: can Produce original tracks tailor made for you, professionally mix and master your tracks.Check out my For information and rates please contact: [email protected] Backing Tracks that I compose are fully Copyrighted and I own all the rights to them. They can only be used under my permission.My music/video may be used for non-commercial purposes; just provide a credit: To myself 'Vito Astone' and a link to my youtube channel :)Thank you !Vuoi realizzare un arrangiamento per il tuo brano? Una traccia professionale di chitarra o basso per il tuo progetto?Contatta: [email protected]
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$4.7K - $75K 
$7 - $116 
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 $0 - $12
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 $4 - $77

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