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Knh ny khng dnh cho nhng thanh nin nghim tc hoc ngh mnh l thanh nin nghim tc, khng bnh lun xc phm n danh d nhn phm gii tnh ca ngi khc, nu vi phm s b mi khi knh. Xin chn thnh cm n v cm n ! VIDEO EDITOR BY TIKTOKTV Gmail: [email protected] Instagram: tranfeng_ DO NOT REUP ( Vui lng ghi ngun nu mang video i ni khc )
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 Registration Date
 all-time income
$9.7K - $156K 
$68 - $1K 
 subscriber rank
 view rank
 1 day change
 $7 - $112
 1 week change
 $41 - $667

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 total subscribers
 daily subscribers
 subscriber rank
 total views
 daily views
 view rank

TikTok TV Daily Statistics

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 Date  Subscribers    Views    Income
Daily Averages
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Yearly Projections
 Date  Subscribers    Views    Income
Daily Averages
Last 30 days
Yearly Projections

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