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I make Origami (paper folding) videos and other crafts like Popsicle stick crafts and crafts from regular household items.New crafting videos every Saturday!If you want to make a banner or Intro for me, send me an email!If you have an idea for an upcoming video, post a comment on one of my videos or on one of my social network sites that are listed below.Achievements:-1000 Subscribers: 03/09/2014-1.000.000 Views: 06/01/2015-5.000 Subscribers: 01/05/2015-10.000 Subscribers: 29/09/2015-10.000.000 Views: 19/09/2017My channel name used to be TheUltimadeKoen, but I changed it to TUK Crafts to it can be remembered more easily, to make it easier for old fans to find this channel, i'll list some variations of new and old channel names;Theultimatekoen , the ultimate koen , the ultimade koen , TUK , TUK Crafts*I am NOT interested in joining Youtube Networks at the moment!*I am open to sponsorships, but keep in mind that I do not talk in my videos.
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$8.3K - $134K 
$59 - $946 
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 $15 - $255
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 $56 - $905

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