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Since 2010, our company has been specialized in the landing gear system only for motorcycle.In the meantime, we have launched many new products, and in 2018 we introduced the new "GLX" system, which greatly improved the performance and safety of know-how.As a product characteristic,First, we have developed and applied our own high-speed deceleration system dedicated to "Motorcycle landing gear". It has a deceleration performance of at least 10 times greater than that of a normal deceleration device, which is equivalent to up to 50 times the deceleration performance of a common deceleration device of the same size, but this system has a powerful deceleration performance of 500 times.Second, "Super-high-speed deceleration system dedicated to motorcycle landing gear" has a self-locking locking function, so it has a strong locking function that stops rotation when the motor stops,Third, the self-developed "GLX controller" has the capability to generate powerful power of up to 2,5
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