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The first time I changed my oil on my Corvette to AMSOIL 100% Synthetic 5W-30 Signature Series I was completely surprised at how well it started & sounded quieter with less vibration. Now I share that experience with millions of people all over the world with the channel. My YouTube Community has saved well over $5,000,000 in Engines & Transmissions + Differentials & SMOG Emissions and Gas Millage by giving the secrets to changing fluids with AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Lubricants. The Giving continues because I Give $100's in Gift Cards every last Sat of the month with Ebens Giveaway at 11AM. My AMSOIL Wholesale Link is in every videos comments & description because I help 1000's of people take care of their car like a personal trainer helps people take care of their body. Professional YouLubher: Eben Rockmaker Regency Direct Jobber AMSOIL Specialist (Dealer#: 5331179) Mobile: (702) 472-3614 Click on my Blue AMSOIL link for Wholesale:
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