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Looking and feeling great after 40.Hi my name is Nisha and welcome to my channel, here you will find Makeup tutorials and reviews, my favorite things ,my thoughts on ageing and life in general.I hope that you will enjoy my videos and PLEASE don't forget to subscribe and hit that LIKE button-it means a lot to me. Thank you.If you are a company or an individual and you would like me to recieve your product, please email me: [email protected] take a lot of pride in my content, and love to collaborate. Please contact me if interested in sharing my content and images. Thank you!WRITE TO MEA. WarrenSUITE 63724-28 ST. Leonards RdWindsorBerkshireSL4 3BBENGLAND
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$8.7K - $139K 
$9 - $147 
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 $3 - $57
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 $25 - $408

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