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Are you a frustrated guitar player? Been playing guitar for years but are having a hard time understanding guitar scales or even guitar chords? Or when to use them for guitar improvisation? How is your Music Theory? Do you yearn to understand how Modes work? Want to learn when to use a Pentatonic Scale vs a Major Scale or Minor scale? Heard about the CAGED chord system but don't truly understand the guitar yet? Want to learn all the best guitar tips and tricks in a truly understandable manner, and better yet play guitar with confidence? Well, you have found the right place.My name is Ian Stich. I truly understand what is going on in the mind of our favorite guitar players and also what is in the mind of a guitar student. I invented the NeverLost Pentatonic series to show students how easy the guitar can be. Let's take those guitar tabs you have been learning and become confident, educated guitar creators.
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