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Spice N' Pans Аватар канала YouTube
Hihi! Thanks so much for watching our videos! We are a couple from Singapore. Usually Roland cooks & Jamie hides behind the scene filming, editing, photo-taking & doing everything else including replying to your comments. We specialise in Singapore-influenced Chinese food but we do cook other types of food every now & then. As we have other full-time jobs (not Spice N' Pans related) so please pardon us if we can't do more to help you. When our channel was much smaller, we were able to reply almost to all of your comments & we love doing that. However, as our subscriber base grows (thank you so much!!), it has become very challenging for us to do so. We hope some of you can help us by replying to some of the questions posed by our fellow avid home cooks. Thank you so so much for sharing our passion.
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