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Your one-stop destination for authentic Indian content now with the biggest cashback offer! Get upto 100% Paytm cashback on purchasing any pack worth Rs.129 or more! Hurry & subscribe now: Entertainment brings to you its exclusive Movies channel, 'shemaroo movies' solely for full-length premium Bollywood films. Celebrating the golden jubilee, Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd is among few entertainment companies that has hallmarked several pioneering efforts with its innovative and out- of-the- box thinking. Founded in 1962, Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd is an established media content house in the country, active in Content Acquisition, Value Addition to Content and Content Distribution with a large content library of over 2900 titles.Subscribe and be a part of the magical world of Bollywood.
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India Indien
$863K - $13M 
$1K - $16K 
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 $1.2K - $20K
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 $7.7K - $123K

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