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Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah E Wabarkatohu! "Real Tube" we have created this channel to upload Authentic lectures of Salafi Ulemas world-wide. There are many channels which are uploading Islamic Lectures but all are not authentic, due to this some person (who really want to teach Deen but they dont haveenough time) are facing the problem that which ulemas of which lecture is authentic and where it is available and another side all Lectures of Salafi Ulemas are also not available on a single channel or website, so we have decided to collect all authentic and uniquelectures (which are highly interested and very essential ), on this channel, so that people can easily browse authentic Islamic materialswithout any doubt or misconception .for this we have create separate Playlists for All types of Lectures And other Materials, Suchas English/Urdu lectures Hamd,Nat,Quran recitation,Khutba,Duas and Hadith.if you want to Contribute or Share new lectures with us, then please comment.
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 $1 - $30

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