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ABOUT MYSELF: Hello, I'm Ramo Fenty (Ramo Katamadze)- One of THE BIGGEST FAN of RIHANNA. This channel is dedicated to one and only Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Navy or die!I'm trying to show you the best side of Riri. She'll always be my endless love! I've been listening to her music since 2005. In that years my life was like "living in a black hole", I didn't want to do anything because of my deprssion, but I've survived! She's saved me! Watching and listening to her is like living in an another universe. Sometimes I feel like she's my family member.On this channel you'll check everything about Rihanna: Famous people reactions to her,TOP songs, the best moments of her ordinary life, Award's shows, Dance and atc.Love you guys! Rihanna Navy Forever!
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$3.9K - $62K 
$21 - $341 
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 $26 - $427
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 $159 - $2.5K

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