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Praveena's home kitchen (Healthy, Easy, tasty)This channels is all about making cooking in Tamil, all the videos uploading in this channel is on regional language(Tamil), This video channel is created by Praveena, She's an Home maker.I have published cooking videos prepared in my home. my favorite videos in Madurai, south Indian style. vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Briyani in Tamil, chicken, mutton, Koottu, Poriyal, Vadai, Payasam, tomato rice, verities food food in Tamil, Tamil recipes., Tamilnadu Recipes, Collection of Tamil Nadu Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes Tamil, South Indian Recipes, Madurai style taste of cooking, Chicken Recipes, Egg Recipes , Mutton, Recipe in Tamil, Tamil () Recipes, Tamil Nadu October 10, 2018: 1,00,000 subscribers reached.March 7, 2019 , Got Silver play button.also cooking tips:youtube:
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India India
 Registration Date
 all-time income
$7.7K - $124K 
$29 - $471 
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 $2 - $44
 1 week change
 $15 - $255

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