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The Acute Angle is an independent social and political channel. The history of modern Russia, which will not be shown on TV. Sometimes in a video I combine politics with an art house. On the channel you can see: Video from the opening of all the staffs of Alexei Navalny, trips to the cities of Russia. Video responses of Navalny to a particular question. Political cuts from the Acute Angle are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, in the mood. News and topical resonance events related to politics. Old or not quite old vintage videos - [remember everything] "Evening Berger" show with Vladimir BergerAlso on the channel the filter of a mat is installed, and if your comment does not pass moderation - swear literally! Support the channel: Qiwi - https://goo.gl/p5G9Ae Yandex.Money - 410014393027664
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$26K - $425K 
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 $46 - $748
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 $135 - $2.1K

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