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Hello peeps! I am TechiLog or as most of you call me OHG from my old name OneHourGuy. Yes, before you ask, I am the guy from the videos.Welcome to the channel! I mainly make my series "Discord Sings" which is when my weird Discord server comes together to try and "sing" a song (yes like the creeper aw man meme) but we do it with other songs! So join our discord server ( and sing with us! I try to make the videos each week but sometimes life gets in the way! Other than that I make Discord meme videos, events and much more. As well as the occasional Reddit videos. Or I read out stories from for example r/entitledparents. When I'm not doing that I make gaming videos or whatever new project I come up with or the occasional stream.Links:Discord Server: you in the comments peeps!
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