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Odin the German Shepherd YouTube channel avatar
Odin the German Shepherd and $amson the Boxer are the co-stars of this YouTube Channel along with:BELLA the ChorkieDirty Hannah the Yellow LabRemington the Yellow LabFormer Stray Magnificent Midnight the Black LabShock-Collar Maggieand occasionallyLeroy and Winston the tailless Manx cat* Odin the German Shepherd * New videos every-other-day *Fan Mail, Gifts, Toys, etc. can be mailed to:Odin the German ShepherdPO Box 261Sapulpa, OK [email protected]
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 all-time income
$18K - $299K 
$20 - $328 
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 $13 - $209
 1 week change
 $95 - $1.5K

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Daily Averages
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