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Hey guys ! Welcome on my Youtube channel !You can find here, on a monthly basis, several Dj mixes including the best songs in the world of electronic music. Deep House , Nu Disco , Indie Dance, Future House , Tropical House , Rap & Hip Hop , Disco , Jazz & Funk are some of the styles you could find here . Including some mashups bootlegs & remixes home made of course ! Good Exploration ! Submissions and Promo can be sent to: [email protected] : [email protected] Facebook: Soundcloud: you prefer the EDM side of the electronic music you can join me on my other channel: Sound Explorer. Progressive House , Electro House , Trap , Future Bass , Future House , Dubstep , EDM & dance music are some of the different styles you could find there .Follow Sound Explorer Facebook: Soundcloud:
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 all-time income
$15K - $244K 
$169 - $2.7K 
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 $2 - $35
 1 week change
 $13 - $212

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