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We are proud "PUSPINS" (stray). Maui Boy has been rescued since birth on Oct 2016. Maki Boy aprox. 4 week old was rescued from a car engine compartment last April 2018. We wanna change that human perspective that expensive breeds are the only pets that deserve pampering, to spend money for and brag in social media. We are advocating for stray cats and dogs (even we dont own one) that they are also deserving for the equal attention and love. I wish more people will consider adopting more strays and give them a loving home too... in the end, breed is just a label/name/words it will not change the fact that they are all equally beautiful and deserving of human love we could give them. #puspin Our human daddy "The Hungry Syrian Wanderer" onYouTubeIf you would like to support my channel financially and future content, any donation will help.Paypal: ask permission before using any of our
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