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MAFFIO reconocido cantante, compositor y productor cuyo nuevo sencillo Cristina ratifica su regreso a la escena musical latinoamericana, con la colaboracin de grandes exponentes urbanos como lo son Nacho, J Quiles y Shelow Shaq.Mendoza was born in 1986 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.His musical endeavors began at the age of six when he began teaching himself to play the piano. At age 9, he started composing songs and at 12 he started producing. At age 20 he achieved his first worldwide success: "My soul dies".[1] The name "Maffio" comes from his father, who nicknamed him that after noticing that even as a child, Carlos had a fondness for mafia documentaries.[2] His musical influences include Bob Marley, Donna Summer, Bee Gees, Camilo Sesto, Michael Jackson and Chuck Mangione. His recording and producing studio is called "ReHab" and has been operating in Miami for five years. In 2015, Mayor Toms Pedro Regalado honored Maffio with the keys to the city of Miami.
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