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Felix De Laet, better known by his moniker Lost Frequencies, has soared to success in the international music industry on many levels. Releasing his global smash hit Are You With Me back in 2014 and quickly cementing himself as a name to watch, the track rapidly ascended by hitting multi-platinum status and taking the #1 spot in 18 countries. Take into further account that Lost Frequencies was the first Belgian artist to secure his first 5 hit singles charting at the #1 spot on the Ultratop official Belgian charts, as well as the first Belgian artist to hit #1 in the UK, he went on to release his long-awaited debut album Less Is More in 2016. The album, with notable singles Beautiful Life and What Is Love 2016 dazzled globally, certifying a future star for a new generation. Lost Frequencies also firmly established himself as one of the strongest, fastest rising talents with his debut entry into the 2017 DJ Mag poll at #26, the highest new entry of any artist that year.
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