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What's goodie the KJ nation, I mostly make Rainbow Six Siege videos to help out others in various ways, from tips and tricks, tactics, gameplay, and much more! So remember to subscribe and have a good one!Milestones:800 Subs Milestone: November 12, 2016.900 Subs Milestone: November 22, 2016.1000 Subs Milestone: November 27, 2016.1500 Subs Milestone: December 25, 2016.2000 Subs Milestone: December 02, 2017.3000 Subs Milestone: December 20, 2017.4000 Subs Milestone: December 28, 2017.8000 Subs Milestone: April, 25, 2020.15000 Subs Milestone: June, 07, 2020.
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