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Hello, i'm iFunzio. I bring you the best league of legends edited moments that happens daily in League of Legends World.This includes : Edited Player Montages, Edited LoL Stream Moments, LoL Competitive Moments, Best Interview moments and so on, basically everything that's interesting to see in League of Legends World. Ever late and can't watch competitive play or streamers? Don't Worry, this channel is all bout catching the most up to date moments and bringing it to everyone one of you daily!.Every single clip I use is with my own interpretation (Title) or some sort of editing! I use sony vegas, after effects and photoshop to edit out my videos and thumbnails. Every Single Video is created with hope to make you smile and have a good time watching it.My Channel helps people out who don't have time to follow every single league of legends event, yet still want to enjoy the best moments.I really hope you enjoy my channel and consider subscribing it if you love league of legends.
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$95K - $1.5M 
$132 - $2.1K 
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 $28 - $461
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 $223 - $3.5K

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