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Lokonation is an online music network striving to promote the finest electronic music out there from the best artists in the world. By working closely together with major record labels as well as independent labels, we want to provide the latest music from various genres. We mainly dedicated this channel to showcast Chill, Future Bass, Electro House, Trap, Pop, Indie and anything that falls under Electronic Dance Music!Submit your track [email protected]:Twitter: https://twitter.com/lokonationmusicSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lokonationFacebook: https://facebook.com/lokonationmusicInstagram: https://instagram.com/lokonationmusicIf you have a problem with an upload, feel free to contact [email protected], so we are able to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
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 Registration Date
 all-time income
$13K - $213K 
$58 - $931 
 subscriber rank
 view rank
 1 day change
 $1 - $21
 1 week change
 $8 - $132

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 Date  Subscribers    Views    Income
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