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Hey there! My name is Twisted, and I'm just a Croatian guy who likes playing games and having fun. I love playing all kinds of games, but on the channel I usually play, sandboxes, survival, city/base builders, VR games, building games, and creative games! Some examples include One Hour One Life, Equilinox, Jalopy, Scrap Mechanic, Raft, Mechanic Miner, My Little Blacksmith Shop, and Astroneer. When it comes to VR I play games on the HTC Vive, such as Baby Hands VR, Tiny Town VR, and Undead Development, Contact - honeybunnygames[at]gmail.comChannel art done by twitter.com/FSnowzombieTwisted's PC Specifications:CPU: i7-4770RAM: 8gb DDR3-1600Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX1060 6GBMicrophone: AT2020 USB+
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