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On My channel I Upload Easter Eggs , Fails , Achievements and Walkthrough videos of Video Games in the RPG and Anime games category . All my videos are highly edited and have unique gameplay to appeal to all audiences . Some of the created videos take several days to play , edit and upload so I fix a time schedule when I decide to upload videos from a game . I also upload videos from games which have choices and consequences so Gamers can see the less taken path . Fails and Easter Eggs are usually short clips after editing out bulk of the gameplay . My Gameplay is usually without commentary as my audience prefer it . I work on Youtube 14 hours daily and I am always available to chat on twitter or comment on YouTube . The games and videos I am working on are periodically updated . Official Email : [email protected] Games :The Wolf Among UsSouth Park The Stick of TruthKingdom Come DeliveranceDragon Ball Z KakarotJump ForceOne Punch Man : A Hero Nobody Knows
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$18K - $288K 
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 $11 - $180
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 $72 - $1.1K

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