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Gunagriha - disciple of Sri Chinmoy - teaching us how to achieve inner peace and happiness.His reflections might help the spiritual seekers to get inspiration and also might help them to understand certain interrelations.By now Gunagriha regularly holds free spiritual teachings all over in Central Europe mostly in Hungary.In the last 10 years these lectures covered all meaningful spiritual topics like meditation, enlightenment, gratitude, yoga, stress reduction, love, God, happiness wisdom and so on.ABOUT GUNAGRIHAAmong the 7,000 students of Sri Chinmoy, Gunagriha was given a special position from the start. He certainly ranks among Sri Chinmoys favourite disciples. Under the loving and wise guidance of his master, Gunagrihas life took an eventful and turbulent turn.MORE INFO:- Visit my website: English playlist with awakening Gunagriha videos:
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$2.9K - $46K 
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 $1 - $21
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 $11 - $183

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