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I UPLOAD almost daily 4:PM-7PMI MAKE VIDEOS WHATEVER IDEAS CAME UP TO MY BRIGHT MIND..LOLhere's other faQ's about yvn kytz jabolii am 27 years old born on jan 17 1991graduate of bshrmworked in dubai as a room attendantworked in cebu as waiter 4star hotels and 5 stars hotelhad a mini grocery before in a age of 22graduated college from northwest samar state universityQ.anong gamit mong pang edit?A.powerdirector 15 mas madali para sakin to ehQ.anong camera ang gamit mo? wb350f camera and iphone 6 plus phone and thieye action cameraQ.bat ka nag ba vlog?A.gusto kong matutong gumawa ng magagandang videos like casey neistat,logan paul,mga inspirasyon ko sila,pero hilig ko kc ang gagamba ka nasali ko to,,hehecontact me for business purpose onlyOrder samon or regular G09777470417 globe09611798101 smart
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 all-time income
$4.5K - $72K 
$11 - $184 
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 1 day change
 $1 - $21
 1 week change
 $9 - $148

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 Date  Subscribers    Views    Income
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