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A Long time ago i was a fanboy of this one youtube channel, i finally met the guy who turned out to be a complete jerk and didnt care about his viewers, soon after i decided to make my own youtube channel dedicated to treating every viewer, subscriber and anyone who comes here as a person and not a number. i soon passed even his level of subscribers and views and with your help i can continue growing. i make many different videos but i try to help everyone. i live in myrlte beach SC where im a firefighter/lifeguard/youtuber and maybe one day ill be a big youtuber, anyway thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great day (if you want to use my content its fine as long as you credit me in the description)
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$4.9K - $78K 
$6 - $104 
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 $2 - $36
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 $15 - $252

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