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Bienvendios! Welcome! Willkommen! My name ich Christine Figgener and I am a marine conservation biologist conserving and researching sea turtles. I am also a passionate ocean advocate for all things ocean and the fight against single-use plastics.With my YouTube channel, I would like to share some insights into my work and my love for sea turtle and the oceanic environment. If you like what I am doing, please consider helping me to continue protecting and researching sea turtles. I cannot do it without your support. It only takes 500 of you, who can spare a fancy coffee per month, to make a real change. Download the new MilkyWire app and join me in saving sea turtles.Thank you, you are amazing!MilkyWire on AppStore on GooglePlay
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$21K - $344K 
$1.4K - $22K 
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 $12 - $194
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 $78 - $1.2K

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