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Chris Kläfford यूट्यूब चैनल अवतार
Chris Klfford is a singer/songwriter from Lindesberg, Sweden.He is considered to be one of the strongest musical voices to come out of his home country in a good long while. After paying his dues as a traveling musician for over ten years, his well deserved breakthrough came with winning the talent TV show Swedish Idol in 2017.In 2019 he got praised by both judges and audience on Americas Got Talent, where he qualified to the semi-finals.With his talent, productivity and continuously growing social media following he has managed to gain a world wide fan base, multiple platinum singles and record breaking exposure with a #1 spot on radio airplay.2020; Due to the Covid pandemic this year, online content has been one of the main focal points for Chris. His YouTube channel has grown significantly and his videos has millions of views. The subscriber count keeps growing in a fast pace. In addition to online content Chris keeps writing music for his upcoming album.
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