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Hey, Everyone! How are you? Lets make this short and sweet. My name is Danny, and this is a Movie related Channel. It contains Reviews, Collection Updates, Unboxings, or even just Showcasing some cool stuff. I've been a lover of film ever since I could remember but my passion for it skyrocketed after going to College for Film/Acting. I have a growing Bluray/4K Collection of over 5,000+, and I love a very wide variety of stuff.This Channel will also occasionally be about Weight-Loss. I've spoken about it a few times over the last couple of years because I've lost about/over 150lbs. Don't believe me? You can just scroll through my older videos lol I'm a HUGE believer in helping others & spreading good vibes, so talking about my journey & hardships is something that I find very important. Especially if it could help someone else going through something similar. Even if it's just 1 person.I want to thank EVERYONE who has shown my channel Love & Support. You're all amazing.-Danny
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