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I'm a novelist from Norway and I have been fascinated by the Viking Age since childhood. I like doing hands-on research of the old ways - it helps me connect with the characters in my novels. Also, I just love the outdoors life.Except being a novelist, I am also a traveller, father, bushcrafter, yachtsman, historic archer and bowmaker, and best friend to a lazy dog.My full name and postal address:Bjrn Andreas Bull-HansenPO Box 15N-1620 GressvikNorwayDepending on your device, you might see an email address below. This email address is only for business, craftsmen and sponsorship requests. I CAN NO LONGER REPLY TO OTHER EMAILS. If you want to reach me, consider joining my Patreon page (links below and in all video descriptions.) and send me a message there. My admins will go through all the emails before I read them. ONLY EMAILS WRITTEN IN ENGLISH WILL BE FORWARDED TO ME.
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