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Babu's Relax TV Аватар канала YouTube
Hello my name is Babu.I think all of us had a moment in life when everything including your self makes you angry. You know that something went wrong but can't be changed because you don't understand the origin of problem. You need to rest but because of various reasons cant afford this to yourself.There are a lot of fine videos in Youtube Some of them are too beautifully processed but I think that people are more interested in ordinary videos and may be this monotony is boring for them. so I film such videos which are ordinary, simple and absolutely different from those colorful ones which look like painted pictures. That's make my videos different from them.It isn't very important to find a very nice place to film the video, the most important thing is to find a place in which people can feel themselves in their own home or for some people it will be the completly new environment. I think this is the more interesting when filming the video.
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