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Hi Guys! My name is Anwer Senan, I'm 18 years old, from Ibb - Yemen, My own channel on YouTube and website occupies the first rank in Yemen in the technology field.My specialization is computer technologies, I like to share what I know with everyone because Prophet Muhammad God bless him and his family advised us to spread knowledge everywhere, I publish educational videos on YouTube in various fields, such as computer and mobile maintenance and explain their softwares (Windows - Android - Mac - iOS), security and safety, reviews, and other videos that are related to different technologies.For business inquiries or media requests ONLY*, please refer to this email: [email protected] you can send stuff to me! Just contact me using the previous email.Bye
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Yemen Yemen
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 all-time income
$2.2K - $35K 
$12 - $206 
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 $1 - $29
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 $11 - $183

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