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Hello there! My name is Youness Kasmi, and I'm here to vlog my life as an online entrepreneur.Youness KASMI is the founder of forum. He is an Internet Marketer and a Civil Engineer. He is known by the nickname "angemon". With several years of experience as an Author and Engineer, He is now a Digital Marketing Consultant. He has released a several famous money ebooks such as the "Ultimate Adsense Method", "100% Adsense Approval", "Domaining v1" and "Fiverr insight" which have helped a lot of people to start their online businesses. Youness believes that the real way to make money online is by changing the way we think , so instead of picking a "niche", it's way better to create our unique niche.If you would like to know more about Youness, you can follow through his posts on various forums and blogs , specifically where he shares his latest ebooks.
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