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Welcome everyone!Roku is my Blue and Gold Macaw hatched 12/12/13 who I have free flight trained and take out daily for playdates and adventures! Korra is my Greenwing macaw hatched 01/12/15Pabu is my Major Mitchell Cockatoo 15/10/16BMO is my eclectus parrot 7/7/18If Roku, Korra & Pabu were humans they would definitely be "those kids" that other parents are weary of letting their kids play with..... Full of potential but very naughty and always pushing the boundaries!Subscribe and welcome this little ratbag and his friends into your life :)*Please note all comments are screened, though I love and welcome questions and debates I do not tolerate any inappropriate talk or bullying. This will result in removal of comment before it's posted publicly and or blocked from channel. This channel is safe for people of all ages to read through, leave the trash in the garbage bin :)Please visit for more information
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 $5 - $80
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 $28 - $448

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