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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  Naits     Naits  Norway
  Mari Samuelsen     Mari Samuelsen  Norway
  OneHour Songs02     OneHour Songs02  Norway
  Kaffetorsk     Kaffetorsk  Norway
  glitchtutorial     glitchtutorial  Norway
  Dag SørÃ¥s     Dag SørÃ¥s  Norway
  Hjartholm90     Hjartholm90  Norway
  Herkules     Herkules  Norway
  99CrashBandicoot     99CrashBandicoot  Norway
  Eivind Berulfsen     Eivind Berulfsen  Norway
  saman zirek     saman zirek  Norway
  HarryPotter6799     HarryPotter6799  Norway
  CloneArmy     CloneArmy  Norway
  MetallAndy     MetallAndy  Norway
  PokerDudeOnTube     PokerDudeOnTube  Norway
  Lille Miir     Lille Miir  Norway
  zpoil3dbr4t     zpoil3dbr4t  Norway
  Norwegian Miraculer     Norwegian Miraculer  Norway
  Mari Lesteberg     Mari Lesteberg  Norway
  Flying Culinary TV     Flying Culinary TV  Norway
  alixargent     alixargent  Norway
  Trollfest official     Trollfest official  Norway
  H_M قناة     H_M قناة  Norway
  LyricMASTER     LyricMASTER  Norway
  djervmusic     djervmusic  Norway
  humanity     humanity  Norway
  MadrugadaOfficial     MadrugadaOfficial  Norway
  vBot     vBot  Norway
  xLurycz     xLurycz  Norway
  Norrøna     Norrøna  Norway
  Ananords     Ananords  Norway
  PlayPrey     PlayPrey  Norway
  ئاوێنه‌ تی     ئاوێنه‌ تی  Norway
  SuDaNeSe SoNgS     SuDaNeSe SoNgS  Norway
  Pp0wErr     Pp0wErr  Norway
  Betina Claesson     Betina Claesson  Norway
  atrrash     atrrash  Norway
  Simple thingS     Simple thingS  Norway
  Hassan Albadri حسن     Hassan Albadri حسن  Norway
  4chratv     4chratv  Norway
  OlliFevang     OlliFevang  Norway
  KAIZN     KAIZN  Norway
  Riziez     Riziez  Norway
  erlNite     erlNite  Norway
  balhamoty     balhamoty  Norway
  Tom Hugo     Tom Hugo  Norway
  Lucas Richard Stephens     Lucas Richard Stephens  Norway
  Ebizapple     Ebizapple  Norway

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