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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  Google Japan     Google Japan  Japan
  Ohyo56     Ohyo56  Japan
  Currawong     Currawong  Japan
  2nd straw     2nd straw  Japan
  松崎朝樹     松崎朝樹  Japan
  Links TV     Links TV  Japan
  DIME     DIME  Japan
  実那川蒼     実那川蒼  Japan
  CYBERNETchannel     CYBERNETchannel  Japan
  hiro123g     hiro123g  Japan
  Y7515     Y7515  Japan
  cpu4edu     cpu4edu  Japan
  土居建築工房     土居建築工房  Japan
  むにむに     むにむに  Japan
  Engadget Japanese     Engadget Japanese  Japan
  Hiroshi Hayashi     Hiroshi Hayashi  Japan
  津本 光弘 mitsuhiro     津本 光弘 mitsuhiro  Japan
  ikinamo Japan     ikinamo Japan  Japan
  nimspr     nimspr  Japan
  yasaizukitussan     yasaizukitussan  Japan
  10813panaki     10813panaki  Japan
  ケイヨーテクノ     ケイヨーテクノ  Japan
  ウェザーロイド     ウェザーロイド  Japan
  ili     ili  Japan
  Yoichi Ochiai     Yoichi Ochiai  Japan
  MiraikanChannel     MiraikanChannel  Japan
  nico poge     nico poge  Japan
  science-tv     science-tv  Japan
  原田文     原田文  Japan
  Ryo TechHelp     Ryo TechHelp  Japan
  Scott Dumas     Scott Dumas  Japan
  cad1919     cad1919  Japan
  yuki hiro     yuki hiro  Japan
  shinwagikenocss     shinwagikenocss  Japan
  Noble Boatman     Noble Boatman  Japan
  头条视频     头条视频  Japan
  AllMovieJapan     AllMovieJapan  Japan
  NSKMotionAndControl     NSKMotionAndControl  Japan
  Chiguly     Chiguly  Japan
  latif-BWS     latif-BWS  Japan
  ! WOW Shocking TV     ! WOW Shocking TV  Japan
  sadasan5532     sadasan5532  Japan
  mechanymachine     mechanymachine  Japan
  asokara     asokara  Japan