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 Rank  Channel | |
  Simon Cheng     Simon Cheng 
  ktsvids     ktsvids 
  Geralyn Mohawk     Geralyn Mohawk 
  Janyka Happy     Janyka Happy 
  Lizi saado-yanuv     Lizi saado-yanuv 
  Matt Horton     Matt Horton 
  careymknowles     careymknowles 
  deannaspapillons     deannaspapillons 
  Vivacie     Vivacie  United States
  LAshelterpets     LAshelterpets 
  Courtney Stellhorn     Courtney Stellhorn 
  Barrie Cook     Barrie Cook 
  Chorkie Tails     Chorkie Tails  United States
  If you love animals,     If you love animals, 
  Dog Swimming     Dog Swimming 
  Ericka Hill     Ericka Hill 
  Kseniya Britova     Kseniya Britova 
  源仔李     源仔李 
  0322 Choro     0322 Choro 
  Sara De Peppe     Sara De Peppe 
  Luckey and his happy     Luckey and his happy 
  호호브로TV     호호브로TV  South Korea
  umeansukonbu     umeansukonbu 
  HereTheBeach     HereTheBeach 
  Herbert Feliciano     Herbert Feliciano 
  Алекс - мейн кун и К     Алекс - мейн кун и К 
  Majd2345     Majd2345 
  miszcher     miszcher 
  Caitlin McColl     Caitlin McColl 
  Eddy Maerschalck     Eddy Maerschalck 
  bobbelibobb     bobbelibobb 
  Ridgeviewsrags     Ridgeviewsrags 
  Neo The Parrot     Neo The Parrot 
  Rebecca Sidlow     Rebecca Sidlow 
  Truffles the Toy Poodle     Truffles the Toy Poodle 
  lukasz kacik     lukasz kacik 
  Jessica F     Jessica F 
  sally399     sally399 
  Shippo the Shiba Inu     Shippo the Shiba Inu 
  ploegy19     ploegy19 
  Toru Yusa     Toru Yusa 
  apiqa1     apiqa1 
  Sportcan     Sportcan 
  bro mopolitan     bro mopolitan 
  Arlene E     Arlene E 
  Asim butt     Asim butt  United Kingdom
  Mango the Big Pom     Mango the Big Pom  United States
  razz11bee     razz11bee