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YouTube channels are sorted by number of subscribers they got during the last 24 hours.

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  parikmaxerTV Artistique     parikmaxerTV Artistique  Netherlands
  ddrewjustin     ddrewjustin  Netherlands
  LeauxJansen     LeauxJansen  Netherlands
  Burak Yeter     Burak Yeter  Netherlands
  Love Goals     Love Goals  Netherlands
  Labratten     Labratten  Netherlands
  MTV Nederland     MTV Nederland  Netherlands
  Jackies leuke dingen     Jackies leuke dingen  Netherlands
  VEED AWARDS     VEED AWARDS  Netherlands
  RUMAGTV     RUMAGTV  Netherlands
  Claudia de Breij     Claudia de Breij  Netherlands
  MRslavic     MRslavic  Netherlands
  NPO 3     NPO 3  Netherlands
  RTL Z     RTL Z  Netherlands
  Eva Rose     Eva Rose  Netherlands
  KIM LENSEN     KIM LENSEN  Netherlands
  AttractionGymTV     AttractionGymTV  Netherlands
  Anime Best     Anime Best  Netherlands
  KPOP Explosion     KPOP Explosion  Netherlands
  RJ van Bekkum     RJ van Bekkum  Netherlands
  SigaarSnor     SigaarSnor  Netherlands
  The SuperAnina     The SuperAnina  Netherlands
  Romee-Lps〈3     Romee-Lps〈3  Netherlands
  johan hartman     johan hartman  Netherlands
  Mermaid Faline     Mermaid Faline  Netherlands
  Annemieke van Leeuwen     Annemieke van Leeuwen  Netherlands
  Efteling Junior     Efteling Junior  Netherlands
  S1TV     S1TV  Netherlands
  DION     DION  Netherlands
  رأفت صياصنة     رأفت صياصنة  Netherlands
  24Kitchen     24Kitchen  Netherlands
  Fironatox     Fironatox  Netherlands
  Maarten     Maarten  Netherlands
  WebGuy1000 - Domino     WebGuy1000 - Domino  Netherlands
  SIMA ZEFEN ስማ ዘፈን     SIMA ZEFEN ስማ ዘፈን  Netherlands
  achie arabier     achie arabier  Netherlands
  ZoSanderr     ZoSanderr  Netherlands
  KoningVlog     KoningVlog  Netherlands
  Eric | Ericos     Eric | Ericos  Netherlands
  Lucas & Steve     Lucas & Steve  Netherlands
  3FM Gemist     3FM Gemist  Netherlands
  Itsonlyalifetime     Itsonlyalifetime  Netherlands
  Waruzjan Shahbazian     Waruzjan Shahbazian  Netherlands
  Zoomin.TV Movies     Zoomin.TV Movies  Netherlands
  Disney Goofballs     Disney Goofballs  Netherlands
  Wie is de Mol? 2018     Wie is de Mol? 2018  Netherlands
  Vanessa vG     Vanessa vG  Netherlands
  Videoland     Videoland  Netherlands

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