Norway - Most Active YouTube Channels - Today

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YouTube channels are sorted by number of videos they uploaded during the last 24 hours.

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 Rank  Channel | |
  The Couchsurfer     The Couchsurfer  Norway
  Nordic Family     Nordic Family  Norway
  HeyKids - Barnesanger     HeyKids - Barnesanger  Norway
  Jonas Aden     Jonas Aden  Norway
  Mezada     Mezada  Norway
  Pagefire     Pagefire  Norway
  britt a wedø     britt a wedø  Norway
  Sail Mermaid     Sail Mermaid  Norway
  Dinskii     Dinskii  Norway
  Sir Classy     Sir Classy  Norway
  Mari Auranaune     Mari Auranaune  Norway
  Ayex     Ayex  Norway
  Reine's Music Channel     Reine's Music Channel  Norway
  KillzGaming     KillzGaming  Norway
  Vegar Nebb     Vegar Nebb  Norway
  Haill&Knall     Haill&Knall  Norway  Norway
  TestChannel2Days     TestChannel2Days  Norway
  CarmenTheCockerSpaniel     CarmenTheCockerSpaniel  Norway
  Haggis     Haggis  Norway
  Lankan Brothers     Lankan Brothers  Norway
  CL4RK     CL4RK  Norway
  CreatNite     CreatNite  Norway
  Tom Hugo     Tom Hugo  Norway
  TV Kathmandu     TV Kathmandu  Norway
  Spirit Tribe Awakening     Spirit Tribe Awakening  Norway
  Jubel     Jubel  Norway
  Morten & Andrea     Morten & Andrea  Norway
  NRK Nyheter     NRK Nyheter  Norway
  Animated Stats     Animated Stats  Norway
  Tourism in Norway     Tourism in Norway  Norway
  Ghost Self     Ghost Self  Norway
  Dalsan TV     Dalsan TV  Norway
  GusPlays - Norsk     GusPlays - Norsk  Norway
  All in una     All in una  Norway
  Wildfire Eurasian     Wildfire Eurasian  Norway
  Kampeki Cosplay     Kampeki Cosplay  Norway
  Kaffetorsk     Kaffetorsk  Norway
  OneHour Songs02     OneHour Songs02  Norway
  Mari Samuelsen     Mari Samuelsen  Norway
  AndersRosrud     AndersRosrud  Norway
  Best of Reddit     Best of Reddit  Norway
  Naits     Naits  Norway
  Lucas Richard Stephens     Lucas Richard Stephens  Norway
  Racing Syndicate dot     Racing Syndicate dot  Norway
  KEiiNO     KEiiNO  Norway
  IRAQ TV     IRAQ TV  Norway
  Guild Of Light -     Guild Of Light -  Norway